Asphalt Paving & Patching

Asphalt Paving & Patching Services in Virginia Beach

Are you in need of Asphalt paving services? The look no more! At Virginia paving pros, we remain the ideal paving service provider to the local residents in Virginia Beach, VA. Our top priority is quality services and customer satisfaction. Since we understand the various needs of paving, we pride ourselves on asphalt expertise beyond you can think. We deal in all types of asphalt solutions whether on commercial properties or residential buildings. Our services are vast meaning there is something for everyone.

That said, below are the common types of asphalt services to expect.

Asphalt Patching

Pavements in bad shapes require patching services. There are various patching techniques used depending on the degree of damage. Examples include full-depth patching, infrared patching and many more.

For the case of infrared pavement patching, we mainly heat the damaged part, clear up and compress it to form a new like pavement area. 

Full-Depth is a little bit different. First, we cut and removed the ruined part. Next. We repair and replace the base with new asphalt. This type of patching is the most convenient since it provides long-lasting results.

Asphalt Overlay

This type of asphalt service is ideal for damaged concrete surfaces that cannot be easily repaired. We will repave your surface without having to tear the entire surface. Instead of compressing the surface, we cover the damaged parts and voids using the soil below it. It’s kind of a large asphalt patching on a section of concrete. Once your surface starts to show faults and crack signs, then consider using asphalt overlay.

Benefits of asphalt paving

There are many factors you would want to consider when looking for paving materials. A material that works best to suit your need is the most ideal to choose. Concrete is hard and can last for long decades. However, it is porous and stains easily. This leaves us with one option to choose- asphalt. Below are reasons to choose asphalt for all your paving needs.


Asphalt remains the most affordable material for any paving project. Besides saving you a great deal of money, it also saves time since its faster to install. It also dries fast once install reducing the time required to curb parking and driveway areas. Another added plus for asphalt paving is that it is affordable to repair.

Withstands severe weather conditions

Severe weather such as storms can damage paved surfaces. However, this is different from asphalt paving. Whether its winter or summer, pavements made of asphalt are resistant to severe weather conditions. In addition, it also puts up with high traffic.


Asphalt paving offers a variety of safety aspects. First, the dark color makes it ideal to create a line of distinction between a parking mark and road. It can also be modified to improve water drainage and skid resistance.


Asphalt has an endless lifestyle. It’s 100% recyclable which is an added advantage. You can remove old asphalt, crush it then blend it with a fresh one. The recycled Asphalt is reused thereby meeting all your paving needs.

For more information, get in touch with Virginia Paving Pros. Whether you need asphalt repair, paving or patching services, you can always turn on us. Give us a call today at 757-260-3817. We also offer free estimates on all services.
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